Random Bullets

  • It’s really nice when sports teams offer to pack your groceries at Superstore as a fundraiser, especially since the cashiers are not always helpful. But somebody should tell them not to pack heavy items on top of the bananas. Or the brie.
  • I must be Superwoman. I saw an ad for Canesten, the yeast infection treatment. It ends like this “… so when it’s your turn to do the carpool, you can!” Really? Who write these ads? Don Draper? Because let’s agree that a yeast infection is a real pain in the — ahem — ladyparts. But it’s not exactly an incapacitating condition.
  • Lucas’ pajamas — size 0-3 months — have anti-skid appliques at the bottom of the feet. Where do you think he’s going fast?

    Lucas, going places fast with anti-skid sleepwear!
  • Summer dresses are out in force on clothes racks and I love dresses. As I stroll through the shopping malls — well, more like the Joe Fresh aisle at Superstore — I have to keep reminding myself that summer dresses are totally inappropriate for nursing mothers. And once again this year I will give it a pass. Unless I decide to forgo my abhorrence to spend more than $49.99 on a piece of clothing and give this Boob dress a try (for $135… not gonna happen, but it was nice thinking about it!):
  • My children had a blast the other day when one asked:

Did you know that there are 200 fingers and toes in our family?

Big families are so cool!!


3 thoughts on “Random Bullets

  1. Love the fingers and toes comment!

    I am with you on the nursing clothes – why are they so darn expensive?! I usually just wear a camisole under whatever shirt I’m wearing for the sake of shielding the general public from my love handles and leftover “twin skin” but there are such nice nursing clothes out there – if only they were affordable. *sigh*

    1. I was never big on nursing while doing other things (like shopping). I like the opportunity to sit down and take a breather. But last week we were at Ikea with the gang and I couldn’t just hold the family back while I sat on their nice couches to nurse. That’s when I realized that my “twin skin” was hanging out for everyone to see. Yikes! I had Eloise wrap my scarf around my waist below the sling but I promised to purchase a few nursing tops… Then I saw the price tags… Holy Cow! (Literally)

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