“Friendly message asking to keep toilet clean”

Believe it or not, someone came upon my blog while making a Google search on “friendly message asking to keep toilet clean”… No doubt because of my blogs on kids and chores. You can read it here.

As for the friendly message, the visitor to my blog has come and gone and probably won’t be back. But dirty toilets are a pet-peeve of mine. In fact, when people ask me what is my biggest challenge as a mother of young children they expect an answer like “the laundry”, “the groceries” or “remembering where I drove which child”. But really, my biggest challenge is public bathrooms, especially taking young children to public bathrooms. I. Hate. It. And God, knowing how much I always despised public bathrooms, “blessed” me with FIVE DAUGHTERS! Guys can just walk in a bathroom, unzip, empty their bladders touching nothing but their own private parts and walk away. But my husband can eat an entire restaurant meal without having to take anyone to a stinkin’ public bathroom. I was blessed with FIVE DAUGHTERS which means that I have visited just about every public bathroom in the Ottawa area and will continue to do so for another 10 years-ish. (Why 10 years? Because I don’t let my children go in public bathrooms alone. Yeah, I’m nuts, go read my post on Accidents.)

Someone overhearing me in the next stall would hear things like “don’t touch anything! No, no, don’t put your hands on the seat, put your hands on my knees and don’t touch anything. No you can’t flush, let me flush with my foot… Nooooo, don’t touch the door! Now let’s wash our hands… Don’t touch the soap dispenser, everybody who touches it has dirty hands (duh…). Don’t touch the taps, I’ll turn them on with my elbows. Just let me wash and dry your hands and run away from here. Noooo, don’t touch the door!! Here, have some Purell… more… more…” I don’t know if you can be friendly with people who leave their urine or sanitary products behind. I would just write:

What makes you think I want to sit in your urine?

Is that friendly enough? Because that’s what I wonder sometimes.


One thought on ““Friendly message asking to keep toilet clean”

  1. Notre garçon c’était immanquable ! Il fallait qu’il visite la toilette publique où qu’il soit et à chaque sortie. Mais même à 7-8 ans, il ne voulait plus aller dans les toilettes de femmes avec moi. Alors qu’est-ce qu’on fait ?

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