Isn’t it a propos that the launching post in a blog dedicated to life in a 10-people family should be typed with one finger while holding a fussy newborn with the other 9? But it is so and consequently this launch will be short.

Welcome to my circus. This blog is loosely knit around family life although topics way swerve into areas related to my work and professional life. Buyer beware: I am a jurist by formation, I have a graduate degree in law with a specialization in biomedical ethics and I work as a hired pen for a federal Member of Parliament. As a result, politics, religion, ethics and life-and-death issues are liable to appear on these pages. Topics will be inspired by the many questions I get as a mother of 8, those of my readers and those from friends, acquaintances and random strangers. If you have questions, fire them away in the comment section, anonymously or for attribution. But first read the “About” page  and avoid leaving information that could identify my children, where they live or go to school. If you don’t, your comment will not be published but I will still answer your question. Fair enough?

Post will be published in English or in French depending on (a) the language in which the question was asked; (b) my mood; (c) how long it’s been since I published in either language. I may translate posts as requested, free time being a factor and the fact that I hate translation, particularly when I’m not paid to do it (you can send your donations to…)


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