New YouTube Video! Random Questions.


11 thoughts on “New YouTube Video! Random Questions.

  1. Could I ask a few more questions?
    Any tips for surviving as an introvert with 9 children? My husband and I are introverts too and often our cups runneth very empty by the end of the day – or earlier!
    And, how did you cope with morning sickness with a large family to look after as well? This is currently very relevant (minus the large family) with two small toddlers.

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so sweet and very likeable on your videos! I’ve only watched one minute but had to comment. And you still look 28 and I loved the hesitation remembering Damian’s name!

  3. Ahhh! I asked about the dishwasher and laundry machines! Yes! I am so glad to hear that you put multiples in… it makes so much sense. So clever. I remember seeing once a house for sale, the owners were Jewish and their kitchen was typically kosher (spelling?) with two dishwashers (who knew this?) and I thought ‘Brilliant!’ I need that! Because one dishwasher is not cutting it at all. Not even close. Thank you!

  4. Oh, it’s me again. This is brilliant! Better than waiting for the Human Library ( I couldn’t make it when you were doing that a few years ago). Sorry… last comment, promise.

    The noise question was mine and I almost cried with your answer.

    Oh! I struggle with the noise. I never expected constant, unending noise to be such a parenting issue. I didn’t imagine it was possible to be so what…. BOMBARDED with sound!? It is like a daily auditory assault, so much so that I thought perhaps I had an auditory issue… should I get my hearing tested? Am I on the autism spectrum, too sensitive to sound and other stimulus and I didn’t know?! I had a bad concussion once… was this noise sensitivity post-concussion syndrome? It had to be something, the sound is driving me crazy!

    Then I found out and accepted that I was an introvert (Quiet, Susan Cain) and it made much more sense. Your experience cements the whole thing for me. Normalizes it. Merci!

    Brilliant post! Brilliant! I feel so much better. Acquired tolerance! I will wait (and maybe use earplugs). I am not crazy. I don’t have a medical issue! Hurrah!

    So helpful!

    1. I’m always happy to make people feel normal! It’s not a bad idea to have your hearing tested. My husband is a (hobby) marksman and did competitive biathlon throughout his teens/young adulthood. His hearing on the side where you hold the riffle is impaired and the noise of the kids actually hurt his ear and his head (the sounds kind of blur and yield a loud “hum” in his head). So we have it both ways in our family: my husband is more extroverted but he can’t physically handle the noise and I’m introverted but don’t have an hearing impairment.

      I wish they’d invite me back to the Human Library. My contact was with the CBC and might be gone because my emails are not being returned. I loved that experience!

      1. Oh, I am sure they would have you back to the learning library! I haven’t heard anything about it on CBC since you were last a part of it. Maybe it’s every 2-3 years.

      2. No, it happened last year but I wasn’t invited. I think it’s because they think I moved out of their listening area (they want to keep it “community-like”.) I need to google who’s in charge of the HL at the OPL. (My autocorrect always changes it to “learning library” haha!)

  5. Amen to the noise sensitivity, I’m definitely a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)/introvert and noise/chaos is really hard on me, especially postpartum/always (aka, 3 babies in 5 years = always pregnant or postpartum!). I’d love to see a house tour and hear more about how you decided on everything, from the layout to the furnishings to the kids rooms, etc. I loved hearing about the basement that could be a separate apartment. Great video!!

  6. Love this. Love that your teens have their own laundry room. How involved are your teens in daily food prep and cooking? Ive seen evidence of them baking treats and such on IG. I too think you look way younger than your age! We would love a house tour too, even if its messy or in parts, pointing out things you chose because you have a large family. We’ve got 3 kids 6,3 and newborn. I call us a large family in progress. We would love to have more and have many child bearing years ahead still as we started going.

    1. I definitely have to give a house tour! So many people have asked! And a teen edition. (To answer your question briefly, they are not involved at all in the daily food prep and cooking. We tried and it didn’t work. Why would be a good vjdeo topic. I’d love them to be more involved. They’ve got baking down pat though… ) Count on it, someday. Congratulations on the new baby and thanks for watching.

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