You Tube! I did it!

Come visit me on my new You Tube channel! Today I introduce myself and answer everyone’s burning question: how do you match socks when you have 18 feet?




15 thoughts on “You Tube! I did it!

  1. Great video Veronique! We have a huge bin of lost socks…love your practical advice. The lighting and sound were great and it was so quiet….was everyone still sleeping? Looking forward to more. Wendy

  2. I loooove your sock method!! My husband and I share the same socks too. Black socks and wool socks both from Costco. I love Costco socks! My 3 and 6 yr old share socks too but thry have all sorts of patterns due to my mom buying them in socks. I really love your large family eats posts and would be happy to read the dinner edition every week! Do your older kids do their own laundry?

    1. Thank you! Yes my older kids do their own laundry, that’s why I completely forgot to add them to the sock organization! But they get the same treatment as the parents: one large bag of Costco black sports socks plus a few wool socks (also from Costc.) Thanks for the message and the visit, I’ll keep the dinner posts coming!

  3. Salut Véronique… Je te lis depuis la France. J’ai commencé à te lire en français mais je suis vite devenue accro. J’adore ta vidéo. Je n’ai pas d’idée de topic car ici tout se passe à peu près bien (je n’ai qu’un seul enfant, ça doit te sembler presque comme ne pas en avoir du tout xD) mais je voulais t’encourager à continuer ! Bises !

    1. Ha! Ha! The miracle of good lighting… I may have spent 5 minutes playing with the light to make my nose appear less big :-p I was ID’d at the LCBO until I was 33. I hated it when I was young and was the only one who couldn’t pass as 18 but I like it now ha! ha!

  4. Very interesting. Sock simplicity… I am going to do this. Throw the old socks, buy one size girls and keep them all in a communal dresser. Maybe underwear, too. One dresser, universal socks and underwear!

    I am greedy and have too many questions. Please don’t feel you must answer the following, I am curious about:

    1) Were you tempted to get more than one dishwasher or two laundry laundry machines when you built your new house?

    2) did you feel societal pressure to have 2.5 children and work full time? How do you navigate current social expectations in a material world that puts cars and houses routinely above people?

    3) does the noise of many children ever drive you crazy?!

    4) did you ever allow your children to watch television? How about devices, internet and social media?

    I loved the video!

    1. Those are all great questions! Maybe I will have to make it into 2 or 3 different videos. Such as one about me (work, having 2 kids and whether noise drives me bonkers), one about having two dishwashers/laundry/etc. and one about screens and social media. Thank you so much for these great suggestions!

  5. Hello Veronique I really enjoyed your video…you did it right.. As you may have understand from my comments in your blog I am always interested in everything concerning parenting tips, household tips and cooking ones. How do you organizing them… Do them.. Etc!!!
    Cheers Maddalena

  6. Lol I’m in a few fb groups that you are also in. I have always found you to be very intelligent. I didn’t know you were also funny! I’ve your sock ideas. I do it a little different. I buy the same style in both black and white but I paint dots on the bottom when they’re new (permanent marker on white, white paint on black). My oldest has 1 dot. The second child has 2… 3rd has 3 dots and so on down to 7. If they outgrow the socks before they get destroyed a dot is added and the socks end up in the next persons basket. That rarely happens as you can imagine.

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