Here we are!!

Our local paper, The Ottawa Citizen, ran a wonderful story about our family. I am so thrilled with how it turned out! (I also just noticed the second tab with pictures!)


2 thoughts on “Here we are!!

  1. I loved this article. I was sorely tempted to drop by the Orléans library a few weeks ago to meet you in person, but chickened out.

    The part of this article that resonated most with me:

    “Paul and Véronique bucked that trend, deliberately rejecting the fashionable ethos that gives “career” and “lifestyle” near equal importance, if not greater importance in some socio-economic circles, than “children” and “family.”

    I, too, am in my early forties. I am expecting my third child next month. All three of my babies were conceived while I pursued a graduate degree. When I announced my second pregnancy, the news was met by family with horror “that will ruin your masters.” It is as if a piece of paper is more important than a human being. There seems little or no social support for three children (let alone more) and this is something I struggle with. The immense social pressure to pursue paid work at the expense of having a family is almost overwhelming. Combine that with a lack of good part-time career opportunities for women, a lack of decent (non-profit, regulated) childcare… well, it makes becoming a mother feel like a counter-culture choice at times.

    I love to read your blog and follow your twitter account. I don’t know if I could manage nine children, but I certainly do appreciate your message. I feel that I am swimming upstream, focusing on family in a culture and society which puts careers, material possession and salaries ahead of family.

    1. Thank you so much for your message and you should have come to the Human Library! I would have loved to meet you.

      Don’t get me started on the complete lack of part-time opportunities for women who would like to pursue careers while managing their family obligations. There has to be a better way: most jobs in the knowledge economy could be split if anyone bothered to think outside the box.

      It is hard work and you are swimming upstream. But life is not getting easier for women and the price they pay for their careers is slowly starting to dawn on them, at a societal level. I’m sure that more and more women are now looking for a “better way”.


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