Some stats for you

I had a look at my blog’s stats today and I am happy to announce that the  most viewed page is… drumroll… the Home page. That makes sense. Followed by… The About page! If you are like me, the first thing you do when landing on a new blog is to check the About page. But where it gets in equal part interesting, amusing and slightly disturbing, is the third most viewed page. The third highest hit page? This one.

It didn’t come as a surprise (and in fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t rank higher) since the search engine themes that most often lead people to my blog are a variation on “Keep the toilet clean messages”… Which is a sad commentary on the world we live in at several level. Like, we need to remind people that we’d rather not sit in their pee or flush their number-2s. Like we need to consult Google to figure out how to write “Please clean-up after yer-selves, thank you.” Like, some parenting blogs are really boring, inane and not all that well written and have a gazillion more subscribers than I do, meanwhile, I’m reaching notoriety for my approach to telling people that they are slobs. And by  notoriety I mean that I have half-a-dozen subscribers including my parents and my husband and daily hits in the range of 50-100. *Sigh*



8 thoughts on “Some stats for you

  1. The reason the Home page might be #1 is because I, at least, get a lot of 404s. The update you posted on FB most recently sent me to a 404.

  2. You get hits in the 50-100 range? Maybe I should start writing about potty manners, too! ;-). Well, I like reading your stuff whatever you write. Cheers.

  3. Hello, My name is Jacqueline Johnson de Verdin, I looked you up after I saw the article in the paper today, and your professional profile on line. Very impressive. I have 4 children, 19,16, 14 and 9
    and lead a complicated life… They are at home in Mexico with their father at present, and for several reasons, both professional and personal, I would like to meet with you. Is there a number where I may contact you? I am only in Ottawa for a few days, but have also subscribed to your blog. Thanks,

    1. Hello Jacqueline, Thank you for subscribing to my blog, this is very appreciated!

      I don’t have a phone number that I am willing to post on the Internet for security reasons. But if you want to contact me by email, you can do so at this address:
      veronique.bergeron715 at gmail dot com


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