Random Bullets

Pour mes lecteurs francophones: voici un ramassis d’articles de journaux qui ont attiré mon attention cette semaine.

Here is a random list of news articles that grabbed my attention this week: (and speaking of newspapers, these warning labels are too brilliant not to mention)

  • Wondering about the state of maturity? Of all the sound arguments in favour of delaying massive cuts to the federal public service during a fragile economic recovery, the Public Service Alliance of Canada chooses to be remembered with this one: Stephen Harper hates me. Nice one PSAC, real mature. In fact, it’s such a childish and emotionally-stunted way of spending your union fees that my 14-year-old son, upon seeing this picture, said in a commercial announcer’s voice: Introducing decreasing maturity! Ranging from toddler to man-child! Note to John Gordon, National President of PSAC: when a 14-year-old thinks you’re immature, it’s time to call your office.
  • Speaking of man-child, I hate to give a dead guy — or his grieving relatives — a hard time but for crying out loud! 8 children with 5 girlfriends at 27, two of them born of the same girl on the same year when he was 15? This guy should have been a sect leader!
  • Still wondering about the state of maturity? Read this piece about Jonathan Leblond, an inspiring young man. His victory-over-tragedy story is inspiring not only for his courage in the face of danger but for how he overcame what would have left many in shambles. I never met Jonathan in person but his path crossed mine at work. I was moved and inspired by his wisdom then, not even knowing what had happened to his family. Reading this piece made me thankful for the twists of fate that make us encounter extraordinary people through ordinary circumstances.
  • And finally, are you worried about the erosion of civil liberties and privacy in Western societies? Do you have concerns over government bills such as bill C-30 which you probably haven’t read and wouldn’t understand anyway? Me too. When Someone in government tells me that those who have nothing to hide shouldn’t worry about online privacy, I wonder “But how will I know if I have something to hide?” I bet you that Jessie Sansone didn’t know he had something to hide until he was arrested, strip-searched and had his children apprehended by Children’s Aid.  This article on the Sansone incident by John Robson should send chills up your spine. I would drop the Twittering about what may happen and start worrying about what’s already here.

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