“What do you drive?”

I’ve been trying to write an insightful and suitably indignant post about the brewing robocall scandal but words fail me. My oldest daughter is watching the Oscars and between the endless chatter and my incoming Twitter feed, I can’t gather my thoughts… so in the mean time, I thought I would tell you about what I drive.

Any parent of a large family can probably confirm that people are curious about our means of locomotion. We have a large family and so we drive a large van. My van looks somewhat like this:

It’s a 15-passenger van but we don’t use the back bench, making it an 11-passenger van. With a family of 10, it fills-up quite nicely.

We also have a minivan that we use for driving around. I won’t try to justify the minivan by saying that it’s cheaper to have a second vehicle than to pay the gas on the utility van… but it’s a close call! We calculated that when gas hits around the $1.25 / litre mark, you can justify buying a small commuter car by the savings on gas.

Anyway, this is not really what this post is about. What I want to tell you is that nobody want to buy these suckers when they cost over $100 to fill-up. We bought ours for a song in 2008 when gas prices soared to $1.30. We “only” had 5 children then and could still fit in a minivan but we knew that we would have more children.

I’m telling you this because gas prices have been increasing lately. You can read about it here. Ideally, you would purchase your large-family van in November, December, January, when Christmas gift shopping takes over car shopping and dealers are begging you to take last year’s models off their real estate. But with gas prices the way they are going, I wouldn’t rule out some good deals up the pipe. If there is a large van in your future, start looking.


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